Taysun Kimm's group works on how stars form in galaxies and drive strong outflows, using radiation-hydrodynamics simulations with adapative mesh refinement. We are also interested in various topics, including reionization of the Universe, escape of LyC and LyA photons from galaxies, RAM pressure stripping in clusters, formation of globular clusters, and the origin of the giant Lya nebulae etc.

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A new probe of turbulent structures: LyC-LyA

The upcoming large telescope programmes will allow us to study details of kinematic properties of galaxies. In particular, the propagation of UV radiation will potentially be one of the most useful probes of galaxy evolution: the escape of LyC photons tells us what fraction of a galaxy is covered by optically thick neutral hydrogen, whereas the line profile of LyA photons reflects gas kinematics. Thus, understanding both properties simulataneously will be the next step forward for galaxy formation theory (Kimm et al. 2019, MNRAS).